Delhi Delights!

India is large and varied, but I am always struck by it’s colour and chaos. Previously, I visited Jaipur and rural areas of Rajasthan covering stories on organic farming and once I spent five relaxing days on a retreat in Bangalore but this time I’m visiting New Delhi and I only have two days.


Instead of trying to describe in words, here are the pictures.

A ride through old Delhi. Photos taken from tuk tuk.


IMAG0022IMAG0030IMAG0031IMAG0035IMAG0034 IMAG0039

I’m with Lara Matossian delivering training for the Foreign Commonwealth Office in Delhi and like when we were working in Morocco we find time to take in some of the sights and sample the local food.

Street food at its best with chaat and pani puri and aloo puri. You can never have too many puris!
Mashed potato patties with spices including spiced lentils and served with hot tamarind sauce


Always fun working and travelling with Lara

And a morning looking at the spice market, mostly from rooftops!


View from a ledge
Exploring the rooftop I look through and see a man resting, but what is the orange ingredient drying beside him?
I posted on my Instagram page and my friend Shalini explained it is called hing or asafoetida. It has great health benefits. Its used for tempering dals and the South Indian sambar. It aids indigestion and flatulence!
Hanging out!
Our trusty guide and tuk tuk driver
Vibrant coulours of hot spices
Figs, nuts and pulses


Red chillies & fenugreek
With all the fun and tribute to the Bombay Irani cafes from the 1950s, dining at SodaBottelOpenerWala at Khan Market with parsi food served in tiffin boxes like Parsi Mutton Masala Roast, Goan Fish Curry and Bohra Keema Pav. There are sign language cards to order from the waiters who are hearing impaired
Enroute to the airport and a walk though a park. Always many temples to see but sometimes just walking gathers its own sense of magic 

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