Hello, and welcome to my story. I’m a writer, broadcaster, trainer and creator of content working between Europe and the UAE. Join me here in sharing your stories and journeys as I write this from a mountain in Portugal. You will find food, ingredients, travel ideas and I hope inspiration.

It begins with my account of my first few months transitioning from living in the United Arab Emirates presenting an award winning talk radio show to crafting a new life and chapter bringing a dog and two cats with me. From there, who knows.

Previously I presented Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 103.8 and through my work I met many interesting people with a story to tell. I covered everything from work life balance, human interest, mental health and wellness, travel and food. My work took me across the globe and I have harnessed these experiences I carry them with me and will share my insights with you here.

Originally from the smallest county in England, Rutland. I have worked in theatre, comedy and events in the UK and UAE. I’m sure you will get to know me better as you check-in on my journey.


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